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EDM & vNext

Posted by kiwiscanfly on April 10, 2007

Britt Johnston, Director of Data Programmability at Microsoft, gave a Keynote at VSLive in San Francisco where he showed some cool videos, which showcase the new Entity Data Model & vNext tools and are available on the MSDN data blog.

The EDM is a diagram that represents your conceptual entities (not logical entities) this is a view that makes more sense to you and your business needs, so that you can avoid the idiosyncrasies of your Database schema.

The second part of the equation is a mapping specification that ties the conceptual EDM to the logical DB schema. This mapping specification currently is an XML file and Orcas should have a visual tool for this.

Client views are views of your data, typically represented in the EDM. You can query and work with them directly. This means that you can mess with the objects and relationships with out breaking everything. Your client views can be based any DB, and I’m sure it’ll be extendable like the (Membership, Authentication, etc) providers, but as usual, Microsoft will release only SQL Server specific stuff out of the box.


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