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First impressions on Script#

Posted by kiwiscanfly on April 10, 2007

Script# brings the C# developer experience (programming and tooling) to Javascript/Ajax world…” “…As we worked on Atlas we were also thinking of a great tools experience, and we explored different approaches and technologies for achieving this. Script# is a prototype of one such exploration…”

When I first saw it i was incredibly excited, I was hoping that Script# (pronounced script sharp) was at a stage where I could use it to create a really cool AJAX app and by the time I’m finished the bugs would be sorted. Sadly, this was not the case, I found the IDE to be very buggy and had a weird error in my code that wouldn’t go away. This was very peculiar since I was just making a simple hello world app.

I look forward to the finished product, it think that it is the future of web development, but I would definitely not use it in it’s current form for anything.


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