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Re-use your specs with Spec Explorer

Posted by kiwiscanfly on April 10, 2007

Once of the cool technologies I’ll be learning about at Architecture Camp is
Executable Specs. These are incorperatied into various stages of the development process, and can provide the following benefits:
• While you’re planning the software, you’re automagically starting the testing.
• Supports the natural thought processes
• Helps keep specifications up to date
• Helps test the implementation’s functionality in depth and with full coverage

Once such implementation of this idea is Spec Explorer; it gives you a word window inside of Visual Studio for your spec documentation, which behind the scenes is stored as XML (or to be more specific, AsmL). To program your testing routines, we’re given some extensions for C# which create the domain-specific language Spec#. This means that you can write methods that somehow use the scenarios (use cases) that you wrote in your word document to test the application. Brilliant!


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