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The Twisted History of The (Paper)Clip

Posted by kiwiscanfly on April 17, 2007

check out both sources ! (and definitely the second one)
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The Paperclip

The twisted tale of paper’s best friend

Where did this simple, cheap, and indispensable invention come from? Appropriately, the story is twisted.

As recently as the late 19th century, the most common way to hold papers together was by using a straight pin. This was an inexpensive and functional solution—and, unlike staples, easily removable. It did, however, leave holes in the paper (and occasionally in the finger). But as steel wire became more common, inventors began to notice that it had just the right amount of springiness to be formed into various sorts of effective cliplike devices. In the years just prior to 1900, quite a few paperclip designs emerged—both in the U.S. and in Europe. Some were patented, some not. There was at the time, and still is now, considerable disagreement about who devised which particular type of wire loop when.

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History of the Paper Clip

Early Paper Clip Gallery
Wright Paper Clip
Fay Paper Clip

Gem Paper Clip

Bennett Paper Clip

Niagara Paper Clip

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