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Baa Camp: New Zealand Foo Camp

Posted by kiwiscanfly on May 1, 2007

To quote from
New Zealand Foo Camp (aka Baa Camp) is a private gathering of around 150 people from New Zealand, Australia, and the world. Invitees are doing interesting work in fields such as web applications, open source programming, wireless, web services, data visualization and search, geolocation, and all manner of emerging technologies, and are invited to network, share their works in progress, show off the latest tech toys and hardware hacks, and tackle challenging problems together.
clipped from
Kiwi Foo Camp, also known as Baa Camp, was a Foo Camp, an unstructured gathering of technology industry people and policy makers, that took place at Mahurangi College in Warkworth, New Zealand February 2 – 4 2007.

It is based on the Foo Camp concept devised by technology publishers and conference organisers O’Reilly Media for previous events held in the US and Europe. The “Foo” is an acronym for “Friends of O’Reilly” and the New Zealand event was sponsored by the company. As an “unconference”, it is characterised by a lack of formal schedules and structures, with the agenda being moved forward as the event takes place.

The event is open by invitation only, and seeks to bring together the technology and creative sectors, policy-makers and other influencers, about 120 of whom attended.
Commentary on technical sessions by Greg Luck
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