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Posted by kiwiscanfly on May 4, 2007

Here’s my latest Grandiose Speculation, prepare for buzzwords, questionable grammar and dodgy punctuation. šŸ˜‰

The age of recommendation has begun, although there is a long time until the algorithms aren’t perfect, or even good, but people are starting to sign up for services that allow tracking of music (, applications (Wakoopa), web sites (Google History), in exchange for an ever changing list of “stuff you might like”. Malcolm Gladwell might call it the ketchup of the internet, but then again, he probably wouldn’t.

New Zealand is beginning the DVR paradigm shift with FreeView at the right time, Windows Media Center is coming out if its teething phase soon. We’re a Microsoft nation at heart, thanks to xtraMSN’s fallen monopoly of our default homepage which lead to MSN Messenger as the de-facto standard for IM in NZ. This should make NZ the perfect place for the social networking features of Windows Live TV in Vista Media Center.. once it leaves beta and gets an Open API of course.

This will lead to more corporate social networking, and product placement, you could become “friends” with corporate mascots like the M&Ms twins and get recommended all the shows where candy is consumed. The chat interface could be connected to an AI ‘Bot (like the Spleak engine) with a personality similar to the character to create an immersible user experience. Since the user would be broadcasting everything they watch and listen, the bot would be able to harvest some useful demographic information & the return on investment would multiply. This would encourage more investment in the technology and less in more traditional mediums. Billboards that don’t move would seem less appealing.

Imagine this, you finish your chicken burger that you bought in the food court in that busy mall and head to the last sanctuary of the modern age, only to find on the back of the door of your cubicle chalky chicken is asking you how your meal was and recommending another for next time.

The age is near, prepare to be violated by cutesy mascots.


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