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Marge Simpson becomes a gamer & a hit on the net

Posted by kiwiscanfly on May 12, 2007

Just like the World of Warcraft episode of Southpark, a game related episode of The Simpsons has taken the internet by storm. In the episode aptly named “Marge Gamer”, Marge gets addicted to a fictional game Earthland Realms; a game very similar to WoW. The site is, this domain actually exists, has a homepage with Marge on it, but has a coming soon message. Wouldn’t it be cool if it had a flash game like the game on the show?

In the typical brilliant humour we have all come to love from The Simpsons, the show makes fun of typical internet habits such as: googling yourself, ignoring the terms of service when signing upto a website, clicking refresh over and over hoping something new comes up.

The following has had 86,815 views between April 24 and May 12 2007:

The following has had 559,950 views between April 24 and May 12 2007

The following has had 6,016 views between April 29 and May 12 2007

Episode name: Marge Gamer
Episode Number: 17
Season: 18


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