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WiFi robot with cool video eyes and expressions!

Posted by kiwiscanfly on May 16, 2007

VERY cool
clipped from

Compact WiFi Mobile Robot Development Platform with Animated Head System and Video/Audio Capability

– [P/N: DRK8080]

CAD $ 3195Qty:

Approx US $2,939
EURO 2,332€
U.K. 1,661
JPY 325,890

* Ships within 2 business days
* Shopping Info

This DRK8080 system is fully assembled and is ready to use. This WiFi 802.11 wireless mobile animated head system offers full wireless, multimedia, sensing and motion capabilities and comes with wide range of sensor, camera, and audio modules.

The system runs on wheel based platform with rotary sensors mounted on each wheel to precisely measure and control wheel movement. The mobile animated head system has total of 7 degree of freedom, 5 for the upper head and 2 for the mobile platform. The eyes can pan and tilt, eye cover and mouth can close and open independently, and the neck can pan and tilt too.

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