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My Social Architecture

Posted by kiwiscanfly on May 17, 2007

Clipmarks gives the ability to quickly and easily post portions of a web site to a blog or email, etc. Flickr is where I store and share my photos, these are made available through both my blog and to Jaiku. I can also let people know about websites by posting to, these links are displayed on my blog, along with my recently played music, applications that I recently run, and posts from my favourite blogs.


WordPress.Com is where i store my blog, whenever I post to my blog, announcements of these entries are sent to both Jaiku and twitterfeed. Twitterfeed passes these announcements to Twitter. Twitter can send and text messages to my followers and will aggregate these messages on the website, making them available to the public. I can also send messages to my followers from my cellphone, their website, and from MSN Messenger through IMified.


My Twitter  messages are also made available through Jaiku; along with my photos on Flickr, my blog posts on WordPress, my bookmarks from, currently playing music from, and recently run apps from wakoopa. is a really cool service that allows you to find new music based on what people with similar taste listen to. It can create custom streaming radio based on your preferences or an artist.


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