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Microsoft’s Mundie looks beyond Gates

Posted by kiwiscanfly on May 18, 2007

From Cnet:

“I [Craig Mundie] think for Ray [Ozzie], you know, he’s been in the company a shorter time. He’s taking on the shorter term cross-divisional architecture coordination role. So in a way I think it’s a bit bigger change for Ray than it was for me.

I kept the part that I had. I’ve been working for Bill [Gates] now for going on nine years directly and have been, I’ll say, his partner in research and strategy and incubations and other things, and all the policy work.

And so for me, particularly since Rick Rashid is staying in his role as the founder and still running Microsoft research, that was a fairly straightforward transition. Ray has probably a slightly bigger list personally to make to just get himself assimilated, but we gave ourselves two years to manage through this transition. And I think that we’ll see a very graceful transition in the course of the next year.”


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