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Palmerston North mounts revenge on John Cleese

Posted by kiwiscanfly on May 22, 2007

Stuff reports that after Cleese achieved infamy in Palmerston North last year, a hill in the Awapuni Landfill has been renamed MT. Cleese. In a podcast after a performance at the Regent on Broadway, he said he hated the “town”, calling it the “suicide capital of New Zealand”. Palmy-born entertainer John Clarke (aka Fred Dagg) was quick to defend the city, and suggested the local landfill be named the “John Cleese Memorial Tip” (isn’t the “mountain” enough?) “It’s popped up overnight, and nobody has said to pull it down. People just smile and leave it there.” Contractor Roy Harding admits putting the sign up and says he’s received nothing but compliments. Perhaps this energy would be better channeled into solving the suicide problems?


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