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Car crash copyright? Newest sueTube case

Posted by kiwiscanfly on May 26, 2007

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The footage depicts a severe car crash, in which the 52-year old driver was killed. (Editor’s note: you may have seen it – it’s the one where the car travels at extremely high speed into the divider between toll booths and bursts into flames. Still image below, authorized under fair
The footage appeared on YouTube; the New Jersey Turnpike Authority requested YouTube to remove it, and YouTube complied. However, what little time the video was online on YouTube was enough for users to copy the footage and upload it to other video sharing services, like Now, the NJTA is suing YouTube for not stopping other users from re-uploading the same video.
From a technical standpoint, this request seems quite unreasonable. YouTube would have a very hard time trying to prevent users from re-uploading a certain video, especially if it’s renamed and re-encoded (although Audible Magic’s technology is supposedly able to do this).
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