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Google STILL profits from web spam

Posted by kiwiscanfly on June 3, 2007

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Here’s the problem: by default Google signs AdWords customers up for the content network.
In fishing around to understand how things work I did a Google search on our product name. Our page and several other legitimate ones came up first, but there were dozens of pages behind them.
I was stunned: is Google’s search engine is so stupid that it floods its index with its own ads? Yup.
The really scary thing was that almost every page I clicked on wasn’t even a real web page!
Most of the content network pages were “web spam”. That is, they were fake pages that had no content at all, just ads.
This spam isn’t hurting Google’s business, it’s helping it. And this spam isn’t incidental to what Google is doing.
This phenomenon was further explained on a Technology Evangelist post over a year ago.
I’ve always liked Google, and am not happy to learn what they’re doing.
Both Google and web spammers are profiting at the expense of every legitimate business that advertises with them.

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In a ZDNet Article on 9th Jul 2006 Eric Schmidt was quoted saying “click fraud … let it happen”. I imagine it took some spin to undo, here’s another piece from the same article: Schmidt’s “perfect economic solution” analysis for click fraud suggests that any Google charges to advertisers for fraudulent clicks would naturally be viewed by Google advertisers as a “cost of doing business” with Google, to be factored into advertiser ROI calculations.


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