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Silverlight vs Flash, a battle for New Zealand kids

Posted by kiwiscanfly on June 28, 2007

Dunedin-based multimedia company Taylormade Media is in the midst of building the next version of, an online entertainment space for kids, but the project will become an early testing ground for new internet development tools.
clipped from is a video streaming site featuring music, films, fashion, sport and technology. It also has online games and competitions. The site, aimed at children and young adults, appears live on TV2’s Studio 2, so content such as text, pictures or video posted by users could be shown on TV.
Taylormade’s six developers use Flash for much of their work, says Ian Taylor, the company’s founder and CEO, but for the next version of the website they will also be testing Silverlight — Microsoft’s platform for building rich internet applications.
“Over the next couple of months we will…[be] testing Flash and Silverlight head to head to determine what best serves our goals,” says Taylor. “At this stage it is still too early to say how they stack up against each other, but that’s what is exciting about this involvement we have with Silverlight. It’s a chance to be in on the ground.”
The team aims to work through the strengths and weaknesses of the different platforms, says Taylor.
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