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SpectacleFest 2009

Posted by kiwiscanfly on July 27, 2007

Spectacle GuyAnnouncing SpectacleFest 2009!

The recent down-sizing of E3 by the ESA has caused us to wonder, what will happen to the teeming hordes of fire dancers left unemployed? As trade shows get smaller and less extravagant, who will employ beautiful women to climb up thin rags of red ribbon in front of huge plasma TVs? What will the hordes of teeming tech fans stand in line for?

We think we may have the answer.

While trade shows take the business meeting aspect and shut it off behind invite-only doors, SpectacleFest will fill the gap.

See more at the official Spectaclefest Wiki

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I help SpectacleFest get off the ground?
So far Molly Wood, Veronica Belmont, and Tom Merritt have each pledged $8 to get SpectacleFest started. You can too. Just notify the world of your pledge amount in the SpectacleFest Wiki. You may also email to let them know you’ve publicly proclaimed your support.

2. Do I have to actually give you the money?
Send no money now. SpectacleFest 2008 is in the funding stages. So we only need you to SAY you’ll give us money now. You’ll never have to actually give it to us. We’re depending on people responding to question three below.

3. I’m a venture capitalist, can I give you money?
Of course! SpectacleFest is meant to help VCs find ways to spend their vast hoardes of secret wealth, now that the trade shows have shut down that outlet.

4. What can I expect from SpectacleFest 2008?
Everything. More than everything. Spectacle. Pure spectacle. Imagine the most amazing thing you can imagine happening in a convention center then multiply that times pi and add infinity. THAT’S what you can expect at SpectacleFest!


Just a few of the pledges you’ll find at the Spectalefest Wiki.

Speedyf40 – My level 57 mage Voldamort and my coffee Mug that says “I gank noobs.” OOO and these 3 chicken nuggets from Wendy’s…and as an added bonus, what’s left of the honey mustard.

James M – I pledge my soul and my team of strike ninjas.

Bruce – I pledge the state of Wyoming.

Bill – I hereby pledge $13.37 to SpectacleFest 2008.

Frank L.- Since you’re never planning to collect, I pledge 85 million british pounds, 25 million euro, 25 battleships, a nuclear bomb (let’s see if that comes up on any government monitoring radar), 18 goats (for raising), 17 goats (for sacrifice), 12 ninjas, 15 pirates, 6 robots, Snakes, a Plane, A complete run of Ultimate Spider-Man, A coffee press, a 25 dollar gift certificate to Circuit City…uh let’s see…I got some rice cakes in here, and some pretzels, and…a copy of the New Yorker, Washington Nationals tickets, let’s see…do you guys want my little color TV? I’ve had it since I was like 15 and I never use it, works fine. Oh and, here, I made you some lasagna, take it home with you, you look like you haven’t eaten in weeks! You’ve lost so much weight! Oh, and you can’t go with out a Christmas tree, some prayer beads and…what would a Spec-Fest be with out a flyover by the Blue Angels and some Fireworks!  I hope that helps. Anything I can do to further the cause.


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