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Otago Museum’s SciCity built for kids

Posted by kiwiscanfly on July 31, 2007

Children of all ages will have the chance from next month to explore ICT through a virtual science city created by Otago Museum in partnership with IBM, ZeDDD Technology and the government’s Digital Strategy Community Partnership Fund.

SciCity is an interactive website where visitors explore 3D environments as their own, self-created avatar. Through SciCity, they can explore topics vital to Information and Communications Technology via a game system that engages visitors through ‘slice of life’ contexts that create insight and understanding of ICT.

The SciCity project will be run nationwide through schools and mirrors the community building and personal-broadcasting elements of popular websites such as YouTube and MySpace within a New Zealand-focused, educative, online environment. Children can safely use SciCity to broadcast and build online communities, free from the potential risks of existing online communities. Source


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