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Quake Zero Coming to a Web Browser Near You

Posted by kiwiscanfly on August 7, 2007

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Although id Software’s new game Rage took the center stage at the QuakeCon event in Dallas, Texas, the company also revealed plans to develop a version of its enormously popular Quake franchise specifically to run on Web browsers. The game will be free to play, supported by browser-based advertising.

Quake Zero is what it’s being called, and the new free version of Quake will basically be a revision of Quake III Arena, the version of Quake that emphasized multiplayer combat. It’s being developed by a team led by id producer Marty Stratton.

In related news, id Software also indicated plans to bring “Quake Arena Arcade” to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade, a service that enables Xbox 360 game console players to purchase and download games over the Internet, and play them against each other online.

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