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Video of the inner workings of a cell

Posted by kiwiscanfly on August 12, 2007

Watch Bolinsky talk about his animation programme at


WN: So this entire 8.5-minute film depicts what’s going on inside one white blood cell?

Bolinsky: Yes. We needed to have a starting point. Something small enough so we could actually accomplish it and show it around and get feedback from the academic community — so we could see if it was a worthwhile direction and use it as a teaser to get funding so we could really do a proper job on this subject. So we decided on a cellular-motility theme and what happens to a white blood cell patrolling the capillary when there’s an inflammation outside the capillary.

WN: How did Inner Life of the Cell come about?

Bolinsky: (We) wanted to make something that would give people a strong sense of a cell — not as a list of topics to be studied, not as a compendium of tables and graphs and charts, (but) as a bustling, immensely purposeful metropolis populated very, very densely by these micro machines that do a huge amount of work at great speed and great precision and purposefulness.


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