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Fake Steves identity revealed

Posted by kiwiscanfly on August 6, 2007

“I’m stunned that it’s taken this long,” said Mr. Lyons, 46, when a reporter interrupted his vacation in Maine on Sunday to ask him about Fake Steve. “I have not been that good at keeping it a secret. I’ve been sort of waiting for this call for months.”

“Mr. Lyons writes and edits technology articles for Forbes and is the author of two works of fiction, most recently a 1998 novel, “Dog Days.” In October, Da Capo Press will publish his satirical novel written in the voice of the Fake Steve character, “Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs, a Parody.””

“The book, in part, led to Mr. Lyons’s unmasking. Last year, his agent showed the manuscript to several book publishers and told them the anonymous author was a published novelist and writer for a major business magazine. The New York Times found Mr. Lyons by looking for writers who fit those two criteria, and then by comparing the writing of “Fake Steve” to a blog Mr. Lyons writes in his own name, called Floating Point (”

“Mr. Lyons said he invented the Fake Steve character last year, when a small group of chief executives turned bloggers attracted some media attention. He noticed that they rarely spoke candidly. “I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if a C.E.O. kept a blog that really told you what he thought? That was the gist of it.””

Read the rest of the article at New York Times.


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Robots with guns deployed to Iraq

Posted by kiwiscanfly on August 5, 2007

“After years of development, three “special weapons observation remote reconnaissance direct action system” (SWORDS) robots have deployed to Iraq, armed with M249 machine guns.  The ‘bots “haven’t fired their weapons yet,” Michael Zecca, the SWORDS program manager, tells DANGER ROOM.  “But that’ll be happening soon.””

“The SWORDS — modified versions of bomb-disposal robots used throughout Iraq — were first declared ready for duty back in 2004. But concerns about safety kept the robots from being sent over the the battlefield.  The machines had a tendency to spin out of control from time to time.  That was an annoyance during ordnance-handling missions; no one wanted to contemplate the consequences during a firefight. ”

Read the full article at Wired 

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Google shows ad supported phone prototype

Posted by kiwiscanfly on August 3, 2007

“Google has developed a prototype cell phone that could reach markets within a year, and plans to offer consumers free subscriptions by bundling advertisements with its search engine, e-mail and Web browser software applications, according to a story published today in The Wall Street Journal.”

“Google is showing the prototype to cell phone manufacturers and network operators as it continues to hone the technical specifications that will allow the phone to offer a better mobile Web browsing experience than current products, the story said.”

This is BIG news, read the rest of the article at Washington Post.

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Blue Screen of Death Tattoo

Posted by kiwiscanfly on August 1, 2007

Blue Screen of Death Tattoo


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Google Streetview Camera Car Fleet Set to Invade America

Posted by kiwiscanfly on July 31, 2007


A camera-toting tipster saw what appeared to be a giant armada of Chevy Cobalt cars in the Google parking lot, getting ready to take pictures of the entire world (or thereabouts) with special 360° cameras. The tipster says he followed a Google camera van as it cruised back to its Mountain View, California, lair yesterday after that van finished a session of picture taking for Google’s Streetview navigation site. Exactly what did he see?


It was an entire fleet of at least 30 brand-new Chevy Cobalt cars parked behind the building, most without license plates yet. As you can see in the pictures above, each had a metal device attached to its top, which looks suspiciously like a vertical extension for mounting Google’s Streetview 360° camera.


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Otago Museum’s SciCity built for kids

Posted by kiwiscanfly on July 31, 2007

Children of all ages will have the chance from next month to explore ICT through a virtual science city created by Otago Museum in partnership with IBM, ZeDDD Technology and the government’s Digital Strategy Community Partnership Fund.

SciCity is an interactive website where visitors explore 3D environments as their own, self-created avatar. Through SciCity, they can explore topics vital to Information and Communications Technology via a game system that engages visitors through ‘slice of life’ contexts that create insight and understanding of ICT.

The SciCity project will be run nationwide through schools and mirrors the community building and personal-broadcasting elements of popular websites such as YouTube and MySpace within a New Zealand-focused, educative, online environment. Children can safely use SciCity to broadcast and build online communities, free from the potential risks of existing online communities. Source

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Automatic Backup in Vista with Robocopy and Task Scheduler

Posted by kiwiscanfly on July 31, 2007


  1. Open notepad
  2. Enter the following where the first path is the source and the second is the destination. For more information on robocopy, click here.
    robocopy “C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents” “\\BACKUPPC\SharedFolder\MyBackup” /V /NP /R:2 /W:2 /S /XO
  3. Save the file as Backup.cmd
  4. Open Task Scheduler (just search for it using the “Start Search”)task-scheduler.png
  5. Click “create basic task”
  6. Go through the wizard and when you get to actions select “start a program”
  7. Browse to your Backup.cmd
  8. Tick “open properties dialog when I click finish”, then click finish
  9. Go to the conditions tab
  10. Tick “only start if computer is idle for:”
  11. Tick restart if idle state resumes
  12. If copying to a network tick “start only if network connection available”
  13. Click OK
  14. Smile, you’re done!

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SpectacleFest 2009

Posted by kiwiscanfly on July 27, 2007

Spectacle GuyAnnouncing SpectacleFest 2009!

The recent down-sizing of E3 by the ESA has caused us to wonder, what will happen to the teeming hordes of fire dancers left unemployed? As trade shows get smaller and less extravagant, who will employ beautiful women to climb up thin rags of red ribbon in front of huge plasma TVs? What will the hordes of teeming tech fans stand in line for?

We think we may have the answer.

While trade shows take the business meeting aspect and shut it off behind invite-only doors, SpectacleFest will fill the gap.

See more at the official Spectaclefest Wiki

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I help SpectacleFest get off the ground?
So far Molly Wood, Veronica Belmont, and Tom Merritt have each pledged $8 to get SpectacleFest started. You can too. Just notify the world of your pledge amount in the SpectacleFest Wiki. You may also email to let them know you’ve publicly proclaimed your support.

2. Do I have to actually give you the money?
Send no money now. SpectacleFest 2008 is in the funding stages. So we only need you to SAY you’ll give us money now. You’ll never have to actually give it to us. We’re depending on people responding to question three below.

3. I’m a venture capitalist, can I give you money?
Of course! SpectacleFest is meant to help VCs find ways to spend their vast hoardes of secret wealth, now that the trade shows have shut down that outlet.

4. What can I expect from SpectacleFest 2008?
Everything. More than everything. Spectacle. Pure spectacle. Imagine the most amazing thing you can imagine happening in a convention center then multiply that times pi and add infinity. THAT’S what you can expect at SpectacleFest!


Just a few of the pledges you’ll find at the Spectalefest Wiki.

Speedyf40 – My level 57 mage Voldamort and my coffee Mug that says “I gank noobs.” OOO and these 3 chicken nuggets from Wendy’s…and as an added bonus, what’s left of the honey mustard.

James M – I pledge my soul and my team of strike ninjas.

Bruce – I pledge the state of Wyoming.

Bill – I hereby pledge $13.37 to SpectacleFest 2008.

Frank L.- Since you’re never planning to collect, I pledge 85 million british pounds, 25 million euro, 25 battleships, a nuclear bomb (let’s see if that comes up on any government monitoring radar), 18 goats (for raising), 17 goats (for sacrifice), 12 ninjas, 15 pirates, 6 robots, Snakes, a Plane, A complete run of Ultimate Spider-Man, A coffee press, a 25 dollar gift certificate to Circuit City…uh let’s see…I got some rice cakes in here, and some pretzels, and…a copy of the New Yorker, Washington Nationals tickets, let’s see…do you guys want my little color TV? I’ve had it since I was like 15 and I never use it, works fine. Oh and, here, I made you some lasagna, take it home with you, you look like you haven’t eaten in weeks! You’ve lost so much weight! Oh, and you can’t go with out a Christmas tree, some prayer beads and…what would a Spec-Fest be with out a flyover by the Blue Angels and some Fireworks!  I hope that helps. Anything I can do to further the cause.

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TVNZTube – New Zealand TV on YouTube

Posted by kiwiscanfly on July 27, 2007

Why use TVNZ OnDemand when you can use TVNZ OnDemand on YouTube?

Thanks for the link ForTheMasses.NET!

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The Origin of the Button

Posted by kiwiscanfly on July 27, 2007

From via History of the Button

When the software required confirmation from the user, it displayed a small window called a “dialog box”, that contained a question, and presented two buttons, for positive or negative confirmation. The buttons were labeled “Do It” and “Cancel”. The designers observed that a few users seemed to stumble at the point that the dialog was displayed, clicking “Cancel” when they should have clicked “Do It”, but it wasn’t clear what they were having trouble with.

Finally, the team noticed one user that was particularly flummoxed by the dialog box, who even seemed to be getting a bit angry. The moderator interrupted the test and asked him what the problem was. He replied, “I’m not a dolt, why is the software calling me a dolt?”

It turns out he wasn’t noticing the space between the ‘o’ and the ‘I’ in ‘Do It’; in the sans-serif system font we were using, a capital ‘I’ looked very much like a lower case ‘l’, so he was reading ‘Do It’ as ‘Dolt’ and was therefore kind of offended.

After a bit of consideration, we switched the positive confirmation button label to ‘OK’ (which was initially avoided, because we thought it was too colloquial), and from that point on people seemed to have fewer problems.

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